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There are several services that we provide to make easier your travel.

  • Airport Transfers

  • Surf Trips

  •  Waterfalls Tour

  • Volcanoes Hike

  • Mayan ruins exploration

  • Coffee Processing plant tour 

  • City tours with a focus on history and culture.

***Ask for our packages prices.


La Libertad

"Surf City"

(West Coast)

Airport - Sunzal

Airport - El Zonte

Airport - KM59

Airport - Mizata

Mizata -El Tunco


Las Flores

"Surf City 2"

(East Coast)

Airport - Las Flores

Sunzal - Las Flores

El Zonte - Las Flores

KM59 - Las Flores

Mizata - Las Flores 


Punta Mango

"Surf City 2"

(East Coast)

Airport - Punta Mango 

Sunzal - Punta Mango

El Zonte - Punta Mango 

KM59 - Punta Mango 

Mizata - Punta Mango 

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